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Values are the shared set of beliefs that determine the culture of an organisation.


Vision Tools

Vision statements are future oriented and describe the desired or ideal state of the organisation or enterprise. They answer the question — where do we want to be?

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Mission statements describe the fundamental purpose of the organisation, why it exists and what it is trying to do to achieve its vision. Mission statements answer the question — what do we do? SWOT SWOT strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats analysis is a method for analysing the internal strengths and weaknesses, and the external opportunities and threats facing the enterprise.

PEST PEST political, economic, social, technology analysis is a macro framework for expanding a SWOT analysis to include political and regulatory issues, economic factors, social norms and attitudes as well as demographics, and technological developments.

re:Work - Guide: Set and communicate a team vision

Questions to consider implementing Strategic Planning Tools What are we doing today? How are we doing it? Who are we doing it for?

Where do we want to go? What do we want to do going forward?

Does Cloud Vision Tool Reflect Google’s Algorithm?

How are we going to do it? Lessons learned The involvement of a broad-based line management group in the SWOT analysis and creation of the values-based vision statement were essential in overcoming resistance to change. Linking financial performance to strategic objectives and individual performance allowed employees to see how their own work contributed to the performance of their business unit.

As a Mac Tools Distributor these values will empower you to build lifetime relationships with your customers.

Our Vision and Values

Our values remind everyone in the Mac Tools organization that we are connected, all the time, providing solutions that move the business forward. Student Tech Programs. Commercial Accounts. Government Accounts. The Franchisee Opportunity.

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The vision and mission may have been too broad for bringing about targeted changes in behaviors or particular health outcomes e. As a result, community attempts to target so many issues may have resulted in a diluted intervention that was unable to move population-level outcomes. Although this process has been identified in several empirical and experiential reviews as a key ingredient for advancing change, there is a need for more systematic evaluations of its effects.

Turn Your Data Into Action

Such research would provide a better understanding of the factors that enable communities to come together and address shared problems and goals. Some key questions for further research include: a What kinds of technical assistance activities are effective for helping a group clarify its vision and mission? And c Under what conditions does establishing vision and mission advance community change e.

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Based on research and experience, we recommend Establishing a Vision and Mission as a key process to advance community change and improve. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Navigation.