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With trust in God as the underlying theme, all the feelings are there; heart ache, fear, helplessness, and yes, love. The war scenes are well written and very dra In her debut novel, author Rachel Muller shows us that she has what it takes to write a great historical fiction novel! The war scenes are well written and very dramatic. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

A World War II Correspondence

Oct 15, Megan Lee rated it it was amazing. If you are a fan of World War II fiction and romance, this is the perfect novel for you. Rachel Muller's tale of the fear and uncertainty of war and love is gripping and heartwarming--a story of resilient people living in a world torn by brokenness. Even so, there is beauty, hope, and love to be found. This is a wonderfully told story by a talented storyteller. As World War Two comes to its climax, two people discover the meaning of loving and letting go during a time when far too many hearts were broken by the ravages of war. World War Two continues to fascinate historians and readers alike for a plethora of reasons.

People love hearing about the triumphs of those who were a part of the Greatest Generation. The drama, romance, and bravery of those who fought for freedom across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are compelling on their own…bring in a tale As World War Two comes to its climax, two people discover the meaning of loving and letting go during a time when far too many hearts were broken by the ravages of war. The drama, romance, and bravery of those who fought for freedom across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are compelling on their own…bring in a talented author whose sincere love of the time period shines through the pages and the stories just come to life.

Her love for this period is obvious in the multiple stories that make up Letters from Grace; her exquisite writing and attention to detail accentuate the gift she has for combing her passion with her talent. Letters from Grace is a novel that all readers will enjoy—World War Two aficionado or otherwise—because Muller knows how to pen a tale with exciting storylines and believable characters that bring the Greatest Generation to life. Luke and Grace are in their twenties when World War Two begins—young enough to feel the excitement of love but old enough to know the heartbreak of war and death.

Grace struggles to move past her loss and never loses her faith in God, despite a rapidly changing future with no concrete answers. Luke, meanwhile, falls prey to the pull of darkness and gives up all hope that his loving God has a plan for him. Months and many letters later, Grace and Luke have to decide if they will put their potential relationship in the hands of God or leave fate—and one disastrous war—to decide the future for them. Readers of World War Two fiction have numerous extraordinary authors to choose from for their chosen genre of books.

Not Rachel Muller! Letters from Grace is told from third-person point-of-view that alternates primarily between Grace and Luke but occasionally brings in their two best friends, Maggie and Danny. These alterations allow readers to experience the war and home-front from many angles. Each character is lively and fully developed in ways that challenge readers to understand the perspectives of the various people who fought at home and across the seas. Grace, devoted to her work at the Ladies and Liberty and grieving for love; Maggie, cheerful and driven to bring God to sick and wounded soldiers on the front lines; Luke, lost over his absent family and finding solace in the Army; and Danny, love-stricken and determined to come home from the war a hero.

Each storyline brings to life different struggles that were unique to the Greatest Generation; however, the emotions that Muller shows from her characters are so well written that the happiness, sadness, and desperation are easily felt when reading Letters from Grace. I found the friendship between Luke and Danny and Maggie and Grace honest and open. The love these characters had for each other and showed to those around them exquisitely exemplifies why those who lived during World War Two are known as the Greatest Generation.

An avid reader of World War Two historicals, I jumped at the chance to review Letters from Grace because I never pass an opportunity to read another story set in my favorite time period. As a bonus to my already excited disposition at finding this new novel, I knew that if authors Sarah Sundin and Cara Putnam were assisting Muller with her book that Letters from Grace was bound to be an excellent story.

My assumption was correct—a five-star novel from a debut author, readers of World War Two fiction will have a new favorite author to add to the already stellar collection of those who tell stories of the Greatest Generation. From the gorgeous cover, to the thick binding and paper, to the historical details and symbolism front and back, Letters from Grace is just as beautiful on the outside and its story comprises the inside. This novel is one to keep on your shelves for re-reading and display purposes. It is in all truth that I say I looked immediately to the back of the back for information on future novels from Muller.

Aug 30, Debbie Valine rated it it was amazing. From the cover to the last page, a lovely story. Mar 06, Debbie rated it it was amazing. This book had me experiencing the characters's happiness and sadness while reading. The covers for this series are just beautiful. Muller, this book is about war and I want to cry! But it silly isn't it, these characters aren't real?

This was a Facebook post that I posted while reading this book. This book has sad parts and yes it is a fiction but it " Letters From Grace" by Rachel Muller is the 1st book in the Love and War series. This book has sad parts and yes it is a fiction but it is written like this was actually taking place. I think "Letters From Grace" would make an excellent Hallmark movie. I encourage you to read "Letters From Grace" and you too will actually think you are watching Grace and Luke dance and you will be wanting to turn the pages to see if they received a letter that day and what was happening while Luke was on the warfront and Grace was delivering supplies to war victims in hospitals.

I was given a copy by the author and these opinions are my own. Instead of working on my essays for work, I am sneaking off to write a review To be honest, this is the first Christian romance fiction I have read to the end. I am not a religious person, so there were some moments in the story that I felt we Instead of working on my essays for work, I am sneaking off to write a review I am not a religious person, so there were some moments in the story that I felt were too much for me, such as when one of the character feels bad for turning to alcohol to numb away pain.

Another issue I had was with the character of the doctor. I wanted to know what it was that motivated him to do what he did and why he was so adamant about his affections. Maybe it is as simple as it is, but his action towards the end kind of blindsided me. Something just felt off about it. But other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. What Ms. Muller does so well and beautiful in this story is the chemistry between our leading couple simply through letters.


Letters of Love and War – Syracuse University Press

The story of the relationship between Grace and Luke is woven in through the letters they write, and what is amazing is that Rachel builds their love simply on that. They hardly see each other, and have barely met, but overtime, their letters bring them together. In addition, I really loved the descriptions and feelings the author is able to illustrate in the time of war.

I was able to feel the panic and loss the characters felt. The author also has the ability to just hook you through each chapter, and you do want to continue reading more to see who is alive, who is injured, and who did or did not make it. This first novel by Ms. Muller was an enjoyable and smooth read.

First World War: love letters from the trenches

I was satisfied with the ending, and then went to buy the next novel. Oct 06, J. First of all I would like to say that I congratulate Rachel Muller for making the decision to go Indie! We live in an ever-changing world and the literature we love has to be able to flow and change with that world Rachel Muller has written the novel of her heart.

I know how that feels and I even feel as if I've been on part of this adventure with her. I've watched as she blogged and hinted at the contents of this novel. I've read posts about her journey as an author and I applauded her decision to go Indie when the circumstances were not precisely what she wanted for her work. Maybe authors today are making the choice to become independent because they want more control over their own work.

They want to be the one who makes the tough decisions and I find that incredibly brave! To read this work is to be transported to our own little piece of history. Rachel did an incredible job researching her favorite period in history. I know I've enjoyed reading about where that research has taken her. Letters From Grace is the first book in what is meant to be a series and I'm excited to see what is coming next! Fair warning: this book is not for the faint of heart. The subject matter touches on one of the most difficult times in our country's history and, though it does that very well, it is a difficult period to read about for many people.

But then war is never easy to read about The important part is that Rachel brings us this story, pulling us into a time long gone - reminding us why it is important to remember, why it is important to teach our children to remember. I don't know about you but I was never all that interested in history. If only all the events in history were put into novel form I know I would enjoy it a lot more!

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. Feb 19, Melissa Henderson rated it it was amazing. This story touched my heart in a special way. The author takes the reader on a journey of love, heartbreak and renewal of faith and trust. As Grace mourns a major loss in her life, she continues to try to help others.

Something as simple as writing letters to a soldier helps begin the process of grieving and finding love once again. This is a story that will stay with me. The author gives great details and insight to war time. I look forward to reading more from this author. Dec 31, D. I have a new favorite author of historical books! I congratulate Rachel for making the decision to go Indie! I believe her novel will reach many, many people! I really felt like I was there. I could see it… hear it… smell it. I was caught up in the lives of the characters as they lived with so much uncertainty during World War II.

We get a glimpse into the hearts of Grace Campbell and Lieutenant Luke Brady as they exchange letters while he is off fighting in the war. Of course, as with any relationship, things don't always go as planned. William Keller also shows an interest in Grace. Grace must decide between following her heart or a much safer path. While awaiting for God's guidance, unexpected events unfold sending Grace searching for her heart's choice.

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But deception and lies meet her instead. This is an amazing story clearly showing the struggles and heartache during war time for the characters as well as the bravery and sacrifices of the soldiers and the families left behind You may need to have tissues handy, I did. I loved this story and can't wait to read the others in the series.

Mar 01, Marlene Moore rated it it was amazing. Rachel Muller, for this being the first historical novel, you have done an exceptional job!

ASMR Voice: The Soldier's Love Letter (Part 1) [M4F] [World War 2 Era]

I've read many historical novels, and books in general; very few are the quality of this novel. The story's she has given each of the main characters a story line as she ties them all together are so authentic and well written, there were many times that I became involved and engrossed in the story line that I would loose track of time. There were a few places where I even reacted to the story by crying out. This is a wonderful novel, this will go down as one of my favorite novels. The attention to details of that era is remarkable.

Right down to the White gloves we used to have to wear when in public. However, the testimony of God's love, grace and mercy is remarkable! The reality that we all lose our way or get mad at God is so very real. The response and guidance from the Bible and Christian counsel is very admirable and spot on!

It is these human moments and emotions that add greatness to this novel! Rachel Muller, bravo!! I will forever be a fan! Feb 17, Travis Inman rated it it was amazing.

Hawaiian Journal of History

This story is warm and comfortable and reflects life in a fair and accurate and meaningful way. The characters are genuine and the story flows smoothly. Muller openly admits that she drifted from total historical accuracy in order to make the story about the characters and NOT about the war. That being said, her book is well worth reading.

The struggles her characters face are common to us all, which helped me to identify with them as if they were real people. Rachel offers wise advice in her stor This story is warm and comfortable and reflects life in a fair and accurate and meaningful way. Rachel offers wise advice in her story that's applicable to our lives today. This is a story that explores not only fear, but loss and regret as well. Her action scenes from the D Day attack were well written and suspenseful. Bear in mind her action sequences were not designed to entertain, but to point back to the relationships between the characters.

Muller is able to explore vulnerability in a way I have not before encountered, and I appreciated her take on the subject. She does provide a completely unexpected twist at the end that I found both alarming and satisfying.

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  • Feb 02, Michelle rated it liked it. Good Characters I loved the characters in this book. They felt real to me and the story hit home on a personal level. The problem I had with the book are the inaccuracies in the history aspects. D-Day was not announced to the world in advance. It would have been counterproductive to the Invasion. I understand that authors take liberties sometimes, but when doing a Good Characters I loved the characters in this book.

    Syracuse University Press

    I understand that authors take liberties sometimes, but when doing a storyline like this, it should be written a little more accurately. I did enjoy the storyline altogether and the writing was good. I just didn't like the inaccuracies. I would read this author again though. I love correspondence books. It's a chrischun book. Meaning it talks about Jee-zus and quotes verses, but out of context and with a silver-lining viewpoint. For example, she lies and says 'God never is silent'.

    It was warm n' fuzzy, at best. I had a hard time connecting to the characters. They didn't communicate enough to really have a good base for their 'love'. T I love correspondence books. The communication was In the middle of an 'I love you' will be an 'I desperately miss my mom' with no transition from one to the other.

    I liked the book. The history seemed spot-on. I liked the characters. I just wanted them developed more than they were. Great book, once I started reading I didn't want to put it down. This is an emotionally charged book. I have never had to see someone off to war, but after reading Letters from Grace, I feel like I have. Rachel Muller put you into the life of Grace so well that you feel what she feels; you cry and pray along with her.

    I had already read Maggie's Mission, book 2 in this series, so I knew the outcome of this book, but near the end of the book, when you believe everything is going to be okay there Great book, once I started reading I didn't want to put it down.

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    I had already read Maggie's Mission, book 2 in this series, so I knew the outcome of this book, but near the end of the book, when you believe everything is going to be okay there is such a heartbreaking moment that kept you wondering how love would triumph. Once I started reading this book it was hard to put down. This story is set during WWII.

    Grace had lost her love to the war and was scare to get involved with another solider. She meets Luke at a dance that she attended with her friend Maggie. He is getting ready to leave for England and ask her to write him so she agrees to. The characters were so real, I am so glad there is more in this series, I cannot wait to read more.

    The book was produced in Vietnam and published by Thanh Nien publishing house. Still together and in love almost 70 years after exchanging their first letters, they still have much to teach new generations about the nature of war, struggle, and lifelong love. The launch was attended by special guests and family—including their son, well-known artist Vu Huy; and their granddaughter, celebrity MC and supermodel Vu Ha Anh, who posed as her grandmother for the cover photo of both editions of the book. Hosting the event, Ha Anh led a number of close family members in reading from the letters, with her husband—British teacher Olly Dowden—reading from the English version.

    The couple were then interviewed on their recollections of the war era and their relationship during this period by Michael Arnold—who also questioned well-known American writer Lady Borton, who instigated the original publishing of these letters. Recalling that her grandparents had been too poor to afford wedding rings at the time they were married almost 70 years ago, Ha Anh surprised the blushing couple with the presentation of gold wedding bands to commemorate their inspiring love story.

    The more I read, the more I found that this book not only tells the love story of a couple, of a love between husband and wife, but also their heartfelt responsibility in raising children through the vicissitudes of that era of their life. The Vietnamese re-release will also be available online and released in Phuong Nam book stores nationwide later this month. It is already available internationally on the Amazon CreateSpace service. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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