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Zon is not the only planet in the self-publishing universe. Who knows they may even be more livable or more fairly governed planets than Zon. Yet for newcomers to self-publishing, Zon is a very good place to start. More on Select later. These are powerful reasons for experimenting with Amazon first.

Make no mistake, it is still a daunting world out there for independent self-publishers, but the struggle is a lot easier than it was a decade ago. Traditional publishers may still be the best route for some people but e-books are now a viable alternative. The flip side of all this is the ever-increasing competition. A self-publisher is a start-up entrepreneur and everything will depend on your skills and creativity—both literary and business.

The rulers of Zon make reams of publishing advice available themselves and a whole cottage industry in e-book self-publishing guides has arisen.

Walmart and Rakuten to launch grocery delivery in Japan

Some of that advice is spot on, some is not. The purpose of this article is to map out a few pitfalls and crevices Japan-based self-publishers might stumble into as they settle into life on Zon. Self-publishing being the ultimate the-buck-stops-here profession, all players need to continually monitor the Amazon Community forum to keep up with the speed of change. As soon as you arrive on Zon, wander over there.

Ebook Pricing for a Foreign Market - East Asia and India - PublishDrive

It is the place where both long-term residents and newcomers to the planet Zon hang out, interact, overreact, provide mutual assistance and advice and try to fathom the mysteries of our self-publishing universe. For any specific problems or issues with your books, always e-mail KDP Support directly.

They usually provide an answer within 24 hours. CreateSpace has both email and telephone support services. So how does one officially take up residence on Zon? Then you upload your book and launch it into orbit. It should go live 12 to 48 hours after that. Below are seven things you need to know and consider if you are publishing from Japan:.

Well-bitten consumers shy of Japan's disappearing e-books

The process is pretty straightforward and KDP will allow you to have up to three pen names per account. The process does require providing your Social Security number for tax purposes. Amazon does not do Paypal. In Japan, both those choices incur large bank handling fees for usually small royalty payments, but brought progress.

Unfortunately, CreateSpace has not yet come this far and the old payment methods for Japan still apply. CreateSpace is great for those who want to give readers a print-on-demand paperback reading option. You can upload your interior PDF files and cover at no charge and they will do the rest. The quality of the book and binding is good and they pay royalties of about 20 percent. Not bad considering the writer has no worry about production or shipping. Unfortunately, this system is not quite as convenient for those who hope to sell a lot of paperback books in Japan via the amazon.

While your paperback will be available for order from anywhere in the world on amazon.

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Of course, you as the writer can order large quantities from CreateSpace yourself at a discount if you want to spread the book around the archipelago. While a paperback option is nice, most of your sales will likely come from e-books; and even if you do a paperback, it is a good idea to create the e-book first.

The main goal is to create a polished, professional product that will win over prospective buyers. The key points are: cover, e-book conversion, Look Inside content, and proofreading. Those with html talent can create their own e-book files but finding a pro to do the job for you will save you time and stress. It will also leave you with energy left over for the really hard work of selling your book.

A professional e-book conversion service should provide you with flawless files that upload in a second. They can also give you advice on some items new publishers may overlook such as choice of fonts, clickable table of contents, and other technical details.

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Your main financial outlay likely will be for acquiring a suitable book cover, although KDP and CreateSpace have templates that allow you to try to create your own. The key is to get a cover that looks good in all the sizes Amazon uses on its site from full-size to thumbnail. Amazon will allow readers to see about 10 to 13 percent of your book for free via Look Inside.

Opinion seems to differ on how to best make use of this option. In either case, excellent proofreading is essential.

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Grammar mistakes and typos will kill sales and Amazon has a very generous book return policy. Some masters of the art of merchandising argue these are all powerful sales weapons, or at least they once were. What does the writer get for allowing the endless borrowing of their books? The Aozora site only holds as far as i have tried X html files and no epub files with up down Japanes writing.

My wife can but is not technical. They informed me that for doing this you need an creditcard issued in Japan.


Also they said they could not warrant that if i buy locally a Sony ebook reader same version nummer as sold in Japan that this reader would work with the Japanese ebooks from there site!!! And ofcourse they reiterated that the warranty is not valid outside of Japan if i buy a Japanese model. So that takes care of all the people interested in Japanese books from abroad via Sony. What i like to get is an ebook file no DRM, free, preferably epub format so i can try out the ebook readers in a store.

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So far i was not able to get such a file. Can somebody help me either a link to an internet location or email me. The content of the book is irrelavant as it is only for a test. Sign In.


Question Forum. Yllwsmrf, Thanks for the link. Just so you know, you can use a free program called mobipocket to convert to book format for kindle! Thanks Hoshihato for the link.