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Later after lunch we went on a short drive and hike up to the Salt Spring where they produce highland salt.

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Was it not for its saltiness, the Bario Spring would be indistinguishable from any other, so local knowledge is key. The salt is then dried completely and inserted into bamboo pipes, which are burned over a fire for 24 hours to harden the salt. The final step is wrapping the salt in big leaves before storing in order to keep it dry and safe for the long journey home.

The wrapped salt is sold in cylinders of varying sizes for between RM20 and RM On the way back, we stop at their, we stop at their pineapple farm and had a chance to have fresh pineapple. Later that evening, we went to Bario Asal longhouse to enjoy the night with the locals and had a chance to participate with them doing their cultural dance.

Jame and Anthony sure did enjoyed themselves! For those who wish to take an 1-hour tour around the longhouse, there is a RM25 charge for the first guest of the same walk-in group, followed by RM5 for the subsequent guest s.


The next morning, Prayer Mountain. It was an exciting hike up early in the morning at 5am just to see the sunrise and to have a time of prayer. After hiking for 30mins we reach the mid point where there is a chapel to rest. We continued up for a 20mins and reached the peak of Bario Prayer mountain.

It was glorious. We took our cameras out to take that breath taking scene. It was all worth it. Such a beautiful sunrise with the cross at the top. One of the best experience in Bario. Kelabit cuisine is unique and unlike any other in Malaysia, utilizing a variety of fresh ingredients from the jungle. There are also several shops at the marketplace of Bario which sell drinks and food. Locals will often refer to the market place as eBario. There are several convenience stores in town which include Y2K, Keludai enterprises, Iskandar Shop government subsidized and others, Y2K and Keludai also double up as bars at night where you can go to enjoy a drink and a game of pool, they even serve Maggi Mee Noodles!

Every Saturday, the locals host a market day at the marketplace where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of other local produce. Kelabits still practice traditional agriculture and are famed for their rice, salt, and pineapples. There are countless paddy fields spread across the region and small pineapple farms are not uncommon. Make sure to try the local produce! Now Bario has their own local tour guides and as far as I know, they are working real hard to preserve the place with the help of local community and also maintain the Eco tourism and culture that they have.

You can contact me of more information too. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Photo with Anthony and James Ever heard of it? Getting there Flight to Bario: large weighing machine with their hand-carry luggage while checking-in. The view of the cockpit The flights are done at relatively low altitude. Things we did As we arrived, we were served lunch.

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Episode 73: Seth Rogen

David cutting pineapple for us Later that evening, we went to Bario Asal longhouse to enjoy the night with the locals and had a chance to participate with them doing their cultural dance. Twitter 0. Is it a total waste of time and money? With some serious reservations, we decided to schedule the MRI. I wrote this entire post before the doctor phones us back with the results, I was that confident that this was a bogus diagnosis.

But, yesterday the doctor got the images and he called us to give the good news: Jake is fine. But, he does look like he has a sinus infection and should probably get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids for the next couple days. We have a little garden in our backyard. Remove the zucchini from this list and you have a pretty good start on the ingredients for our favorite salsa canning recipe. We did about 19 jars last summer, but we ran out of salsa a few months ago. We shared our recipe and process so we can remember just how much work it is next year!

First, clean and peel the tomatoes.

Seth Orme's Blog - Seth Orme Photography - SALT: Part Two

Boil a pot of water that can hold a large strainer. Put the tomatoes in the boiling water for 60 seconds. Drain the hot water using the strainer and empty into a bowl of cold water. This makes the tomatoes easy to peel and keeps them from cooking too early in the process. Peel off the skin, and then squeeze out the juice and seeds into the sink. We enlist all the help we can get. Dice the remaining vegetables into small pieces and add to the pot with the tomatoes. Leaving some of the seeds from the jalapenos will make the salsa a little spicy.

Wear gloves when dicing the peppers and especially the jalapenos. Add the remaining ingredient to the pot with the tomatoes. Bring the entire mixture to a boil carefully. Put the salsa in warm jars and close with a lid. Bring a canning pot water to a boil. Boil the filled canning jars for 25 minutes. Turn off the heat and let sit for 5 minutes. Remove carefully. Then place on counter for 24 hours. This recipe should yield about quart jars of salsa. It mostly depends on the size of tomatoes you use.

Our Roma tomatoes from our garden tend to be on the small side, so we double those. We also often supplement and buy seconds from local farmers. We usually do a double batch. It is a lot of work and takes probably hours from start to finish. But, just about everyone in the family can contribute, so it is something we can enjoy together. The best part about it is that we can all enjoy the delicious salsa for the next year.

Stay & Eat

Kindergarten was a day away and I promised Ellie a date with Mom, anything she wanted. A girl after my own heart, she wanted to go shopping. We started the trip off with an outing to her favorite store, Justice. Keep in mind, this is not my favorite store. I went for her. I personally want to throw-up every time I see a price-tag in that place, but she could have pretty much requested anything and I would have given in. After getting her a cute over-priced tank top and a sweater, I let her pick a place for lunch.

All of my girls love Zupas. She loves their fruit cups so Zupas it was. After lunch, I needed to grab a few school supplies for the older kids so we ran in Walmart. She really wanted to get her nails done. I normally would oblige and quickly join her but due to time constraints, I just had her do it. She loved it! Afterwards, she wanted to finish off the date with Starbucks. Seriously, what is better than a frappacino no coffee of course from Starbucks. She may have gotten that from me too! I felt a little sentimental and somber all day. I just enjoyed watching her as we went about our various activities.

I know she is young but I think she could tell. The day finally arrived. My baby is heading off to school. I am excited for her, I really am. However, the selfish side is me sad to see this day come. She is my last one. She is my little buddy. She is the one that has gone everywhere with me for the past couple years. She was always there and now she is growing up. Growing up is good. And I see how excited she has been for this day to arrive. When I dropped her off at kindergarten, I warned her that might cry.

I told her those were happy tears. I may have lied. I was sad. I was really sad. As she walked into Mrs. School is back in session. Summer has come and go before we could even blink. The kids were really excited for school to start.